Courier/ On-board Courier (OBC)

FSH Cargo Management’s “Courier/ On Board Courier” (OBC) service is a specialised transportation solution tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you’re looking to securely move time critical spare parts, important documents, pharmaceutical products or other urgent shipments, we will transport your shipment to its destination safely and on time.

We manage all organisational aspects, such as entry requirements, flight bookings and customs regulations. We are able to call upon trained couriers strategically located around the globe. A dedicated team member accompanies your shipment every step of the way, from pick up to delivery direct to the recipient, providing an entirely new standard of safety.

  • Safe, efficient, cost-effective ‘Desk-to-Desk’ for time critical international transportation

Global coverage

AVAILABLE 24/7/365 Any Time – Any Where


Just in Time Delivery/ Express Trucking

Express Trucking is a Dedicated Cargo Freight Service with Expedited Trucks & Vans operating through-out Europe offering reliable, secure and on time freight solutions 24/ 7/ 365

  • Safe, efficient, cost-effective, time defined European transportation